Why This Blog?

Everyone needs money to take care of themselves. Yet people generally mismanage their money and retire with inadequate savings.  Poverty is a miserable condition and I see no other way to completely escape it than to invest wisely.  The purpose of this blog, “Raising Young Investors”, is NOT to create a generation of tycoons but RATHER to guide young people toward financial security. I hope WE can inspire young people to make investing a lifetime habit.  The process of developing young investors is summarized in an Overview.

 Douglas R. Knight 

The Turtle and the Rabbit

Walt Disney made a wonderful cartoon about a famous race between the tortoise and the hare [‘tortoise’ and “hare” are old-fashioned names for ‘turtle’ and “rabbit”]. The story began when the rabbit teased the turtle for walking slowly.  To everyone’s surprise, the turtle challenged the rabbit to a race.  Their race course was a long track that had a starting line and a finishing line.  At the start of the race, the rabbit ran fast and far ahead of the turtle.  But the careless rabbit suddenly stopped to tease the turtle some more by going to sleep along the race course instead of crossing the finishing line.  The turtle quietly passed the sleeping rabbit and won the race by crossing the finishing line in first place (ref. 1,2).

What happened?  The turtle refused to feel bullied by the rabbit and fought back by suggesting the race and then running the entire length of the race course.  The turtle was determined to finish the race and didn’t quit running.

The moral for investors: success depends on determination and patience.


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